Fulfillment of purchases

The store does not accept payment, it's not a problem we will take care of the purchase on your behalf, thanks to us you will save up to 10% on state tax by buying from stores that accept Tax Exempt. We are also holders of the paid Amazon Prime service, products marked with this logo will be purchased with free two-day delivery.


Expected cost of purchases

Below is the maximum approximate cost of the purchase together with the commission for the service provided. If your purchase is uncomplicated we will price it even cheaper. Log in for a quote to see what we can do for you.


To pay

You can specify only one store per order.
CarrierWise must be the shipper of the package and the declared value must match the bill.
CarrierWise is not responsible for the accuracy of the items as described and does not provide purchase guarantees.
The online shopping option is most suitable for companies or individuals who want to purchase under a CarrierWise license, saving on purchase costs in exchange for a small commission of maximum 2% minimum $20. prepaid card or purchase to stock.